Our GEAR EMULATORS come with a full, limited lifetime warranty that goes with the motorcycle!*

We sell the only stand-alone OEM-Quality Gear Emulator (ATRE)
on the market today!

We are the #1 choice of M109 and C109 riders everywhere!

"Yes, the Track Day really smooths out the otherwise hery-jerky throttle...."(grampi - M109riders.com)
"Thanks TDE! I'm amazed at how smooth my 9 is below 3000 rpm!"(ImBull - M109riders.com)
"Yup wish I had put mine on sooner" (GassGuzzler - M109riders.com)
"Def one of the best bang for the bucks you can do."(Big-B - M109riders.com)

NOTE :: This unit DOES NOT have an included Gear Display.

A Gear Emulator or sometimes called a "ATRE" or "Automatic Timing Retard Eliminator", is a product that simply tells the motorcycle's computer that the motorcycle is in a specified gear overriding the current gear. On some Suzuki models, a "motor timing retard" may be applied at the factory in certain gears. Some Suzuki models, such as earlier model (01-03) SV1000s would have a slight stumble when applying acceleration. This helps alleviate that issue. Many M109 riders have reported better part-throttle response and increased fuel mileage.

The Gear Emulator is a simple transistor based product. Since the Suzuki Gear Position Sensor is based off of a varying voltage system, we simply bypass the Gear Position Sensor and tell the motorcycle that we are in a specified gear all the time. The "automatic" or "smart" part of the Gear Emulator (TRE) is the transistor that only activates the bypass when the motorcycle is not in NEUTRAL. This is important because we don't want to affect the motor timing at "idle".

Switchable units are available from certain manufacturers, but there is really no need for this option - assuming you're buying a transistor based product.

Cheap designs that only include a single resistor should be avoided since they change the mapping of NEUTRAL which can affect your starting.

We don't recommend splicing a resistor into your motorcycle's harness for a couple reasons. If you don't have the right equipment to do such a job, you can easily ground out the circuit and end up burning up your ECU. Secondly, when the next owner of your bike does an inspection and sees cut wires, then the value of your bike drops dramatically. Lastly, a resistor will affect your motorcycle's starting, especially in colder weather. Look for a Gear Emulator with the features described above.

Features and Benefits ::

We sell the only stand-alone OEM-Quality Gear Emulator (ATRE) on the market today!
  • Professional lead-free copper-clad Printed Circuit Board for long life operation
  • 100% SMD Design using the latest high quality components for proper and long life operation
  • Custom Color-Matched Wires to Gear Position Switch for ease of identification
  • Connector pins soldered to wires for long life and durability
  • UL Listed ABS Electrical Enclosure for long life and OEM quality, NOT left-over PVC pipe
  • Heatshrink over Wiring to protect wires during their life
  • PCB sealed in industrial grade epoxy resin for long life protection, NOT silicone which does not fully seal electronic components
  • OEM Connectors - Plug and Play for ease of installation
  • Transistor Equipped - Inactive in NEUTRAL - prevents rough idle
  • Raises RPM limiter to 4th/5th Gear Limiter depending on model
  • Kit includes: Gear Emulator (ATRE) unit, 3M Dual Lock, Zip Ties and Decal
  • Available for: GSXR600/750/1000/1300*, SV650/1000*, M109 / C109* and M90 / C90*

NOTE :: We have ceased production on our Gear Emulator units.

We will honor all warranties.

To date, there hasn't been one issue with our units.

LINK :: Gear Emulator(ATRE) Installation Instructions (~500KB PDF)

*Gear Emulator (ATRE) units may affect your stock gear display and not display properly. Some TDE products may void your motorcycle's warranty - check with your dealer for more information. TDE will not be held responsible for any issues arising from improper use of its products. For off-road use only. May not meet EPA or local pollution standards. We reserve the right to modify products with prior notice. User assumes all risks associated with electrical modifications. See warranty for full details.
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