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"All I can say is Darin is the man from TDE..
Ordered a gear indicator / tre combo and it is awesome..
Installed last night in 20 minutes...
Maybe it is just my mind but it shifted so much smoother and ran so much better in the lower gears.. Wasn't sold so much on the gear indicator but for $100 for it and the atre combo I figured wtf but after just a 30 mile ride this morning to work (btw I only work 5 miles from the house) I don't know how I ever managed without it...
A big [clap] goes out to TDE and the awesome communication and a great product that I will endorse 100%..."

(dbnc - M109riders.com)

A "GPD" or "Gear Position Display" is a display to signal to the rider what gear the motorcycle is currently in. The GPD-PLUS incorporates a Gear Emulator(ATRE) with the Gear Position Display, the GPD-BASIC does not.

Some "GPD"s rely off of speed and tachometer readings which can be quite inaccurate due to sprocket changes, etc... Our GPD is Suzuki-specific and relies off of the Gear Position Sensor that is stock on many Suzuki models. This allows the unit to work without any special programming.

We took some time in creating our GPD and feel that we have met the needs of the majority of rider's requests. We looked first at Track Day usage. We wanted a unit that would be robust enough, yet simple enough, to be used at the track. Track day riders want to be able to see the Gear Position Display without hunting for it, so our display is a UltraBright 1" Blue, Green or Red LED 7-segmented display. The case is black ABS. The 7-segment display is mounted on a custom PCB and the Cat5 cable is of the highest quality.

Our GPD unit uses a microcontroller to operate all of it's functions. This eliminates "false neutrals" (flashing of NEUTRAL between shifts) that basic IC/DIY units are plagued with. Plus, our units use a 7 segment LED display (design may vary) instead of single LEDs, which leaves the guess work out of knowing which gear you're in.

Our "Plug n Play" unit utilizes sealed, crimped and soldered OEM connectors, color-matched wires, and a fused power link. Our processing module or "smart box" is a small unit that houses the processor and an Ethernet jack. The Ethernet jack is used to attach the display module to the "smart box". The reason for a detachable display is so we can offer customized options without the rider having to purchase a complete GPD unit.

Our unit also features a remote switch which can be mounted near the rider's hand for easy access to the Options Menu. Our Options menu consists of the following:

  • Manual control of 5 steps of brightness : Adjust the brightness to your liking
  • Upside Down Display : Allows for multiple mounting options
  • Street or Race Shift Speed : Allows for a greater delay to avoid any "False Neutrals" for those who shift slower than others
  • GT (GearTracker) Technology : Our software "tracks" the gear and does a double-check before changing the gear number for greater accuracy
  • "n" is for NEUTRAL : The ability to choose "n" as your NEUTRAL character instead of "0" (zero)
  • Circling Zero : A fading tracer, circling zero is another NEUTRAL option instead of "n" or the default static "0" (zero)
  • A custom programming application and the ability to switch between Stock and Custom Mapping Thresholds (Custom mapping should not be required unless the motorcycle has some small voltage issue)
  • Reset : This option will RESET the options to the Default setting. You will NOT lose your Custom Mapping Program data by doing a reset; however, the program will choose the "stock thresholds" when restarted. You can easily choose your "custom thresholds" by selecting Option "C" (NOTE: Reset Option is not available on some versions.)

Special Note :: The Gear Emulator with the 325 cannot be bypassed or disabled.

Features and Benefits ::

We sell the only 100% Plug and Play Gear Position Display!
  • 8-Bit Microcontroller Processing unit
  • 8x Sampling 10-Bit Analog to Digital conversion
  • Electrical Components set in Industrial Epoxy Resin
  • UltraBright 1" Blue, Red or Green LED 7 Segment Display
  • Mountable Remote Switch to control options
  • 5-step Display Brightness Control
  • Works right out of the box!
  • Custom Mapping Program for bikes with minor voltage issues
  • 3 Different NEUTRAL Options ("n", "0"[zero] or a circling zero)
  • Upside Down Option
  • Street or Race Shift Speed Option [GearTracker Technology Enhanced]
  • Exact Match OEM Connectors - Plug and Play
  • Fused Power Link
  • No Splicing Required!
  • May order the unit for different Suzuki Models. We may require additional information before building your unit.
  • We can also build the unit without the Gear Emulator (ATRE) installed. Please contact us for more information.
  • The display disconnects from the processor module allowing for multiple display options

NOTE :: We have ceased production on our Gear Position Display units.

This page is here for information purposes only.

LINK :: TDE GPD User Mode Quick Guide (~400KB PDF)

LINK :: Gear Position Display Installation Instructions

LINK :: Customer installed Gear Position Display Photos

Gear Emulator (ATRE) units may affect your stock gear display and not display properly. Some TDE products may void your motorcycle's warranty - check with your dealer for more information. TDE will not be held responsible for any issues arising from improper use of its products. For off-road use only. May not meet EPA or local pollution standards. We reserve the right to modify products with prior notice. User assumes all risks associated with electrical modifications.
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