So you've seen us mentioned in a forum and found our site, but still have no idea who we are.

A couple years ago, I wanted a Gear Emulator (ATRE) for my 2005 GSXR600 motorcycle. Being the electronics geek that I am, I knew that I could easily build one with plans that I found online. And so I did. But I wasn't satisfied with the quality. Like most DIY projects, it was pieced together using components that I had around the shop. I spent several months seeking out the best materials available to make my unit as professional looking as possible. I used a custom printed circuit board, black vinyl tubing, heatshrink and industrial-grade epoxy, the same OEM connectors and colored wires used on the motorcycle. It was beautiful! I knew that I built a better unit than anyone else on the internet, so I started selling them cheap, real cheap on eBay just to get some initial impressions and the feedback was amazing!

After selling a lot of Gear Emulators I had the urge to build a Gear Position Display. I could have easily just paid the $160 and had one, but that would have been too easy. Instead I spent a lot of money Designing and Building what we have today - a very high-quality unit that I'm very proud of and one that I think you'll appreciate.

If you email, you will email me, Darrin. If you call, you will speak with me, Darrin. Who better to speak with than the guy making your product?

No Warehouse. No Chinese Factory. Everything is built right here in the US. I try to buy as many US made products as possible.

My goal is to provide riders with high-quality value products for their motorcycles. Not everyone will appreciate our products and that is why we have the "Buyer's Remorse" Return policy.

For the record, no one has been disappointed.

We use high-quality products from these Global Vendors: Microchip Technology Inc., ON Semiconductor, KOA Speer, Fairchild, Bourns, TDK, EDAC, Nichicon and Littelfuse.

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