NOTE :: We have ceased production on all of our products.

It has been a wonderful journey. We did what we wanted to and that was to keep other vendors honest with their pricing.

To this day, no one has offered a better quality product at any price.

We are a Direct to Market, "Assembled in the USA", manufacturer of Suzuki Motorcycle aftermarket electronic components. We are currently focused on building high-value, quality components such as our Gear Emulator (ATRE) and Gear Display for Suzuki motorcycles. The goal is to continue to create new and exciting products with the emphasis on "quality". Since we are a small company, our focus has to be on excellent Customer Service and we work hard to provide that.

What our awesome customers are saying:

"Wow what a difference with the jerky down shifting and smooth up shifting... Darrin (TDE) is a valuable resource and a great member. This is the best mod by far for our bike." -S.O. (M109r)

"I fit it today - was so damn easy - and cant believe the difference it has made at slow speeds."
-D.K. (08 M109)

"...for the price and quality you can't beat Darin's unit.. Easy to install and makes the monster smoother and more responsive.. If both units [Healtech GIPro] were the same price after having both I would go with the TDE unit because the customer service and quality is awesome.."
-D.B. (07 M109LE)

"I want to add that your service/delivery/support is excellent. One of the best that I have ever dealt with. Since I never heard of your company I did not believe it could be this good! "
-V.M. (05 GSXR600)

"Works great and love the functionality."
-B.S. (06 SV650S)

"It has worked awesome!!!"
-B.H. (06 M109)

"Installation of the gpd completed , verry bright display , i love it!!"
-J.D. (04 SV1000S)

"Thank you very much for your help! I will endorse your products every chance I get.."
-N.S. (06 SV650)

"Hey just wanted to let you know everything is hooked up and working thanks a bunch."

"Thanks for getting shipped so quickly! I know I'm really going to enjoy having this unit on the bike."
-J.M. (08 SV650SF)

"I really do like having the GPD and not having to think/test what gear I'm in."
-H.U. (06 SV650S)

"Thanks for your quick replies and support."
-G.N. (Custom GSXR Cart)

LINK :: Gear Emulator(ATRE) Installation Instructions (~500KB PDF)

LINK :: TDE GPD User Mode Quick Guide (~400KB PDF)

LINK :: Gear Position Display Installation Instructions
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